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Brighten up the season for winter and the holidays!

Can you Container Garden in the Winter?

Even though we live in an area that experiences cold temperatures in the winter time, container gardening can still be done year round! Although mums are ever popular in the fall time, there are plants that can last through the first frost and the freezing temperatures of the winter. Before you get started, make sure you have the right pot for the job! Many pot materials do not do well in the cold (ceramic, terra cotta); winter pots should be made of metal, stone, concrete, fiberglass or thick, sturdy plastic. Also note, plants are less protected in a pot than they are in the ground so hardy perennials such as Lamb's Ear, Ivy, Grasses, Hens and Chicks are great go-to's to make it through the cold season. Mix it up each year with one or a few cold-loving annuals such as flowering kales and cabbages, sages, and colorful pansies. Enjoy your containers all year round with the right selections for the season!

Winter Planters - Container Gardens

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