Container Garden Care Tips!

Follow these tips to keep your container garden growing strong all season.


How often should you water?  The short answer is, as often as needed.  A pot in full sun might need watering as often as twice a day; a shade pot could need it only once every few days.  If soil is dry on the surface, water.  If not, wait – overwatering can be as harmful to some plants as underwatering.



Plants in pots quickly use up the nutrients in soil, so supplemental fertilizer is critical for season-long vigor and flowering.  Add supplemental fertilizer every few weeks – granular and water-soluble products both work.



Remove spent blooms and dead leaves and stems.  Also, don’t be reluctant to do a little light trimming to keep the arrangement well proportioned and to prevent a fast-growing plant from taking over.

Benefits of Container Gardens

  1. Versatility - No matter where you live, you are sure to have space for a container garden! Whether it be to spruce up your front entrance or stoop, on a balcony or deck, by the pool, or in the landscape.  Even a narrow windowsill can hold a small pot.

  2. Little to no weeding - Since the surface area of a container garden is quite small, it is less likely that weeds will find their way into your container garden.

  3. Mobility - Since your garden is in a pot, you can move it where you like to suit your needs! This is an notable advantage if you are renting your home.

  4. Easy Maintenance -  Appropriate sun or shade conditions, regular watering, and fertilizer are all your planters will need to thrive!

  5. Variety - Exploring with a variety of plant and flower combinations ensures a unique container garden that no one else will have! 

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