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Are you a florist?

Diana and her designers proudly call themselves Container Gardeners!  Bloom's specialized focus is designing and planting beautiful outdoor arrangements in our client's pots and containers.  We strive to provide a welcoming entrance and instant curb appeal for our residential and commercial clients and their guests.

What is it that makes your product/service unique from your competitors?

Quite simply, owner Diana sets us apart from our competitors. Diana has a BS in Business/Marketing, from Elizabethtown College, studied Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, graduated from the floral design program at the Mansion House School of Design in Lancaster, and has studied at Longwood Gardens.  


Diana is able to apply all that she learned -- color theory, scale, textures, etc.  She really gets to know her clients, their styles and preferences, and she look at their home's architecture.  She asks clients if they are good at (and interested in) maintaining their plants, or if they want low-maintenance arrangements. Their answers tells her what to plant for them and all of that helps us provide container gardens that they will love.  You will find no "cookie cutter" designs here!  

How did you start this business?

Diana formed this niche business because it combines her passions, interests, and education-- all in one!  At Bloom, we have a passion to celebrate each and every season and experience the joy of bringing custom designs to our clients!


Do you do more than just summer container gardens? 

Yes!  We celebrate all four seasons by designing seasonal planter arrangements for our clients -- we bring fun container garden ideas to all four seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  In fact, our winter and holiday business is just as popular as our summer projects.


Once your summer containers are planted, there are three steps that will help them thrive all summer long -- water when needed, fertilize, and give an occasional trimming.

Sounds easy enough, right? But in reality, if you don’t enjoy doing it, travel often, or are just plain busy, it becomes easy to just ignore the planters and let them go.

Our maintenance program solves all that! We will come to check on all your planters, fertilize, and prune and trim as needed. You will simply need to keep up with watering your pots. You can choose for us to come every two weeks, or monthly. Contact me if you’re interested in this service.

Whether you follow our care tips yourself, or enroll in our maintenance program, you will notice a difference in your container gardens!

You can read more about our recommended three-step care tips here.

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

After a long winter, we know that Spring cannot be far behind.  Yet even though spring comes every year, I still get giddy when I see new green growth pushing its way up through the ground. 

Daffodils…tulips, and fresh leaf buds on twiggy branches get me every time!

We cannot wait to bring all these spring charmers to the pots and containers at your home. Call or contact us to discuss our four-season container plantings and maintenance services!

Spring is not a long season, but boy is it a glorious one!

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Hello friends!

I just returned, invigorated and inspired, from a gathering of 30 professional container gardeners from all across the USA! We met in Austin, TX at The Fairview (, a lovely bed & breakfast in Austin, TX. Check it out!

We had amazing speakers covering a range of topics related to professional container garden design. I cannot wait to incorporate these new ideas for YOU, our clients!

Our group was able to take part in the filming of Laura Eubank’s Succulent Tip of the Day. Watch the clip here.

I’m blessed to be inspired by this group, and cannot wait to bring this inspiration to your home this Spring!

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