Meet the Bloom Team!

Diana McCoy

Owner, Manager

Bloom by Diana LLC, Bloom Container Gardens 

I created Bloom Container Gardens ten years ago.  I was inspired for a way to combine my business and art and design degrees, along with my education in floral design, and my love of gardening.  Since then, Bloom Container Gardens has blossomed into a specialty niche business -- custom container gardens done on-site for clients, both residential and commercial.  


Today, we’ve grown into a talented group of garden artists.  In fact, some clients refer to us as their “garden fairies!"  Our focus is on those who want custom and unique potted containers for their home or business.  We offer a personalized service for those who want a seasonal and fresh look greeting their guests throughout the year, using only the highest quality plants and flowers from the best greenhouse growers and farms in Pennsylvania!


Call today to find out more and schedule your onsite visit for the upcoming season!

diana - bloom container garden

Lisa Bowman

Seasonal Gardener, Floral Designer

“As a master florist, freelance event designer, and event coordinator, I’ve relied on my twenty five years experience to serve a variety of discerning clients and organizations in Lancaster, Pa. I’m also a professional holiday decorator, creating beautiful and practical holiday decorations for businesses and private homes.


I loved working as a floral designer, creating custom floral designs and bouquets, assisting customers with plant selection, gardening advice, turf and supply issues and container gardening.

During my twenty-five years of service to the Lancaster community I have volunteered my talents to the following organizations: Historic Rockford Plantation, The Lancaster County Historical Society, The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, The Junior League of Lancaster, The Lancaster Museum of Art, Wheatland Presbyterian Church, Saint James Episcopal Church, and Wheatland, Home of President James Buchanan.”

Sandra Mannon

Seasonal Gardener, Master Gardener

“Growing up in Lancaster, I took our seasonal transformations here for granted.  Working at Bloom Container Gardens feeds my adult appreciation of Nature’s brilliance throughout the year.   I joined the team as an intentional self-transformation of my own, having had a career in IT/Engineering but with a lifelong passion for gardening.  Swapping out a computer keyboard for a hori hori knife is very satisfying.


This year I have completed the Penn State extension’s Master Gardener program and will fulfill some of my volunteer requirements at the Lancaster County Prison Garden Program.  The course has deepened my awareness concerning native plant selection and invasive species, so I will be extricating overrun goutweed from my gardens and take into consideration a plant’s provenance before purchasing this spring. 


Other interests include animal welfare and biking.  Dozens of foster dogs, mostly of the chihuahua type, have come for a stay including my Ronnie who never left.  Biking is my favorite exercise and every county ride makes me happy to have returned to my hometown.”